Kenkobei Christmas Debut at World Trade Bazaar

December 30, 2019

Patagonia Foods Corp. has successfully launched their own brand, “Kenkobei” at World Trade Bazaar Festival. Ten day bazaar was a fruitful celebration of joy, gift-giving, customer engagement, and market exposure of Kenkobei products.

Kids love Kenkobei very much!
People are gathering to see what the hype is all about.
Even a celebrity has dropped by our booth!
Free tastes were given to people who joined the convention.
Kenkobei and Woobie standing side by side.
World Bazaar Festival was a success!

Kenkobei has four food product series: Instant Heating Meal, Noodles, Chaofan Series and Chaofan Deluxe Series.

Chaofan and Chaofan Deluxe Series can be cooked in 10 minutes by just adding hot water. No mess, no fuss, without worrying where to cook—no microwave needed! The noodles can be cooked in 1-2 minutes by adding hot water, not only that, you can always have the option to cook it in soup or stir fry basis: so many options! Last but not the least, Instant Heating Meals: a new concept of eating meals but just adding cold water and cooked in 8-10 minutes! Every meals is loaded with real meat bits and vegetables, healthier options on the go!

See you again on the next convention!

Food and Travel Lifestyle Duos: Adel and Kelly

Food and Travel Lifestyle Duo: Adel and Kelly Poster

Foodie and Travel powerhouse first joined the vlogging community in April 27, 2019. They have accumulated 109 videos throughout their vlogging adventures. They are focused on reviewing trend foods and venturing out local destinations and trying out their cuisines.

One of their visited destinations

The duo expanded their reach of vlogging by becoming one of Patagonia Food’s: “Kenkobei’s Blogger’s United” activities. They staged their live stream at Facebook last Mach 9, 2020.

The duo amassed around 1300 views during the 10:30 am Facebook Live Streaming. It was a humble start since it is also their first shot trying out Facebook Live.

Patagonia Foods PH is very grateful with Adel and Kelly’s outstanding participation.

Don’t forget to show your love by subscribing to Adel and Kelly’s Vlog by subscribing to their Youtube channel:

You may watch the livestream in Facebook by clicking:

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Kenkobei: We’re Online! Shop with us.

Feb 1, 2020

Instant Rice, Instant Chaofan and Instant Heating Meals: no cook, no microwave needed, first in the Philippines.

Not only that, Noodles can be cooked using hot water for just 1-2 minutes!


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