Patagonia Foods Corp. specializes in researching, distributing and manufacturing ready-to-eat foods. The company is equipped with high trained both local and international food scientists studying different food trends in the Philippine market today. Patagonia Foods Corp. aims to make Filipino’s food choices more convenient and healthier options. The company offers a vast array of ready-to-eat food series and partnership solutions.

Our Vision
The company’s vision is to set the golden standard for the ready-to-eat food industry in the Philippines. Through progression and innovation as the business inspired ideals, Patagonia Foods Corp. will bring out the best ready-to-eat food to the Philippine market.
Company Social and Core Values
1. Dedication – Patagonia Foods Corp. always believes that it is the people behind the process and the consumers that make our products great. We have employed people who can provide commitment that our consumers expect.
2. Quality – We bring out the best food ingredients for the Philippine market. Our raw materials are thoroughly inspected before manufacturing.
3. Innovation – “Innovation not limitation”. Employees are encouraged to be dynamic and come up with ideas that can contribute into successful food products for the company.
4. Passion – The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Passion highlights everything we do: our company is passionate for success and passionate about achieving what is the best for our consumers.
5. Integrity – We are ethical and fair. We value every comments and suggestions made by our consumers.